12 Pictures of Minimalist Houses, Can Be Inspiration

A number of pictures of this minimalist house can be an inspiration for those of you who plan to build a house or renovate a residence. 

What kind of minimalist house is good? Maybe you still haven't determined a match. Especially for those of you who want to renovate a house or build your own minimalist style. 

Minimalist style is an option for those who want a simple but still attractive residence. People know the modern style of minimalism and also the minimalist style, the two are very different. 

In this review, we will provide a number of pictures of minimalist house plans that can be an inspiration. There are one-story houses, two-story houses, minimalist houses, to villa-style houses or rest homes. 

Minimalist Home Image Inspiration

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

1. Minimalist Whitewashed House 

This one-story house has an exterior with white paint, minimalist style can be seen clearly on this residential site. 

In addition to whitewashing, some walls and poles of the house apply natural stones whose color is not bright. 

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

2. Multiple Color Combinations on The Facade of the House 

This latest minimalist house image shows a house with a combination of several colors on the exterior. 

There are dark gray, light gray, white, and orange colors, as well as natural stone applications that beautify the facade of the house. 

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

3. Luxury House with Limas Roof 

Occupancy can look more luxurious with a limas roof or shield roof than a saddle roof.

This minimalist house picture shows a house with a luxurious design, there are lights and also decorations in front of the house. 

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

4. Residence Style Rest House 

This design shows a picture of a modern minimalist house that is also resort style or rest home.

If the land is large, you can design a house like this so that it looks more luxurious and modern. 

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

5. Two-Story Minimalist House 

Here is a picture of a minimalist 2-story house for those of you who want to have a beautiful terraced house. 

There is a carport and balcony in this light brown painted house, this residence is suitable for millennials.

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

6. Two-Story House with Garden 

The picture of a minimalist 2-story house with a garden can be an inspiration for those of you who want green open space. 

You can place large or medium sized trees in the garden to make the house look more beautiful. 

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

7. Modern Minimalist House 

This design shows a picture of a modern minimalist house with a stacked saddle roof model, it turns out that the roof of the saddle can also look cool. 

The garden presented in front of the house beautify this residence, especially coupled with the design of fences and doors of the house. 

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

8. House with Minimalist Design 

Drawing minimalist houses with box or cube shapes, many architects design minimalist houses like this. 

The design shape is like a basic geometric shape such as a box, circle, or triangle.

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

9. Minimalist House with a Large Yard 

This is a picture of a modern minimalist house with a large yard, suitable if you have a large area of land. 

The combination of brown and white color shows the modern minimalist house, this design can be an inspiration for you. 

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

10. Small Minimalist House 

This residential site is not only small, but also minimalist, of course to get around the limited land area. 

Minimalist design becomes the choice of small house because it does not include decorations that make the house look too crowded. 

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

11. Two-Story Corner Type House 

The picture of this minimalist 2-story house is a corner type house, can be an inspiration if you have hoek land. 

One of the advantages of the land in the corner is having access to a wider view and also access in and out. 

Pictures of Minimalist Houses

12. Modern Minimalist Residence 

A completely minimalist dwelling is usually box-shaped, but you can incorporate modern elements to look better.

This latest minimalist house picture is also an idea for those of you who are interested in modern minimalist design. 

Well, there are also many minimalist home picture inspirations for you, so don't be confused to choose them. 

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