WOW!! $8,995,000 HOLLYWOOD HILLS Mansion Tour

What's up everybody it's Enes here. Welcome to another post, this week we're in Hollywood Hills and about to tour this beautiful newly constructed, modern mansion right behind me. The address for the property is 1527 Rising Glen. This house has five bedrooms, six and a half baths, 6,783 square feet of interior space, and currently on the market for $8,995,000.

$8,995,000 HOLLYWOOD HILLS Mansion Tour

WOW!! $8,995,000 HOLLYWOOD HILLS Mansion Tour

And before we get in there, I wanna thank the listing agents Alex Howe and Josh Flagg for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. And now let's go inside. (gentle music) On the exterior, we have a cobblestone driveway right here leading to the two car garage that is subterranean. And we actually have three staircases leading up to the property that goes all the way to the backyard. And there's a front entry on that side. And there's another side entry there. It's a beautiful modern design.

You can actually see the roof cantilever over the second floor balcony. And I loved the two-tone sticker finished throughout the property. And we have lots of glass detail throughout front door of this property is insane. So let's take the stairs so we can check it out. I'm on a street level right now and this stairwell right here takes you up to the front door. And I mean, look at the size of this pivot door right here this is insane. My camera lens isn't even wide enough to get the whole thing in there. -

I fell you, this thing is amazing, but come on in. All right, so this is a true open floor plan right here. I can pretty much see the entire house and the backyard from here. So on this level, we have the formal living room, formal dining room, kitchen area, and then we're gonna see the backyard on this level as well. I wanna start right here. First room we're going to walk into is a formal living room and the dining room area, all open. This dining room is kind of on the center of this room, and this room right here because of the floor to ceiling windows, looking towards the front of the home gets so much natural light, right? In fact, we get this question quite often, people ask, well how do you keep your privacy? I wanna show this Mikey hit it. Let'sdo it.

This developer spent the money and put these shades built into the ceiling. So the click of a button all these come down. Not only these windows but every single large window in this house has these automatic blinds. - Every single one of them. So I'm gonna continue this way while the shades are going down. Gas, fire place, is a natural stone with a seam in the center glided, and we have built-ins on the each side with the recess lights above it, this is a perfect place to hang your art, feature your art. And on this side, we have the fleetwood doors pocketing all the way into the wall. And again, same shades are up here as well, if you wanna close in of. excuse the alarm. All right, I'm gonna open these up because every single wall that is looking towards the backyard of this property pockets into the wall. So it looks incredible. So these are the first ones and voila, it's all open now, thanks to the steel beams above us. 

 This is the backyard but we're gonna tour that in a minute. So we go this way now, back to the hallway and if you go this way, let me turn on the light for you guys. Powder room for the first floor, beautiful bathroom, floating vanity, natural stone countertop, really unique choice of backsplash here, wall sconces, light fixture above us and the style of the light fixtures we're gonna see that throughout the property. It's very unique. All right, back here and going into this room. This is the first bedroom on this level with its own shower, same again, floating vanity designs, natural stone countertops. And Mikey, why don't you come over here real quick, walk in shower and I like this tile design with a flat, and then texture tiles to kind of break up give some dimension to the showers, even right here we get the rain head, all that good stuff. All right, closets right here built into the wall. Again, first bedroom currently staged as an office but we're talking about privacy, right? Floor to ceiling windows, looking towards the front of the home, hit the shades button, shades come down give you the privacy that you need. 

 All right, let's get back to the hallway. On the first floor, we have another set of pocket doors right here. I can't help myself (alarm beeping) I'm gonna open these as well, real easy. And guys, it's a beautiful day in Los Angeles today, I'm getting distracted right now by those blue skies. - I know that outside backyard area is very attractive. So, this hallway continues. This is your first wine cellar right here. Same style of pendant lights actually are in here as well. Let me close that door. All right, so now we're in the kitchen, living room and the bar area. 

 I wanna show this first, again (alarm beeping) and there's a pocket door. This is really cool because you have a kegerator here, and then you have your sink setup, little fridge right here, what's cool about this space is that these glass half doors I wanna say open up an accordion onto this side so you can entertain the guests sitting outside, kind of create that indoor outdoor feel. - [Mikey] it'd be really easy to have a pool party here and have a bartender just to have a little nook here and serve your guests in the backyard, not a problem. Live that good life here. That's right. All right, kitchen area. 

 I mean so much to talk about. First of all, I like this oversize Island, unique touch. We have a waterfall edge on that side, bar seating continues here, but on this side they left it floating so more people can sit on this side as well. Beautiful chandelier right above the Island bringing all that attention. And on this side, your cabinetry kind of starts really unique glass backsplash tile, wolf. - [Mikey] Let me get a little closer so they can see that. 

  Yeah, it's pretty unique. We don't see that every day. Yeah We have Wolf and Miele appliances throughout. I like this look, the wood-paneled look, so you don't see your so set up, little vent right above us. And on this side, Mikey, why don't you come over here real quick? So this is one of the sinks, there's actually three sinks, right? Look at this guy right here. What is this? - It's a half dishwasher. That's cool. - That is really cool. 

[Mikey] You put your pots and pans in there. - Exactly quick, you don't wanna overflow these things but I thought this was very sleek and nice. - [Mikey] Where are the other dishwashers? - Nicely paneled, well, generally the main dishwashers are where the main sink is in this case right here. 

 We have a nice square sink right here, beautiful faucet, there you go. And as we go this way, you had this huge subzero. - [Mikey] Almost, as big as the front door. - I know this is like a commercial grade. This is the freezer right here nicely paneled. Continuing this way, we have the wolf built-in appliances here. And here's another cool detail, this one has the Butler's Pantry. 

 So the same cabinetry and countertop design continues here. You have another commercial vent and a wolf gas stove here but you may think this is pretty much it for the Butler's Pantry, but you're wrong. - [Mikey] Dumbwaiter. - That's right, I love these things, it goes to the basement level and the second floor above us. So I thought that was a really unique touch. - [Mikey] I've always loved that name, dumbwaiter, it's almost offensive. - Why she's dumb or he is dumb? What's wrong with that? I don't know what I meant by that, but it's okay. 

 All right, back into the living room area let's focus our energy towards here. More built-ins, recess lights here again, to feature your art, sculpture, whatever you wanna call it, gas fire place, very unique tile design here as well. I don't know if you guys can see but some of them are a little bit thinner, some of them are a little thicker. - [Mikey] It's like a mosaic almost. - Yeah, kind of. Your TV's mounted right there, it's nicely integrated, part of your kitchen, and California open living, indoor outdoor feel, more pocket doors. These are the last doors that I'm gonna pocket in. So we can go outside and check out the backyard area. (gentle music) Now, let's talk about to this backyard. Starting right here, we have a little bit of a grass area. 

 This is where you have all your pool equipment and all that good stuff and huge retaining wall right here which allows this property to have a backyard like this. That's holding a lot of soil. One thing that I really like developers spending money clean all that stuff right there, and they put nice grass and even some outdoor lighting to light up those trees, so I'm sure at night this place looks really cool. Follow me this way. We have an outdoor bar, barbecue area, everything you need still brand new, never been used. Your outdoor gas barbecue right here. Lot of countertop space, perfect place to entertain.

So, continuing this way. Zero edge pool, good size zero edge pool. I like it. It has a water feature right there, and it really uses a lot pretty well because it's kind of pushed against that side which leaves this property to have a lot of outdoor space right here. Continuing this way, that's the outdoor seating. That's the bar area we mentioned you guys, you can open up those doors, shift your backyard area. Concrete gas fire pit right here. Again, it's all about enjoying this backyard space. They even mount this right here, this is where your future outdoor TV will be. And like I mentioned, at the beginning of this tour a lot of pocket doors opening up the house. It's cliche to say it but it's all about the indoor outdoor feel. We live in California, Los Angeles, it's all about it. So this house really encompasses that.

And now that we're over here you can get a really good look at the entire property. Again, I like the two-tone stucco finish. I love how these glass doors are floor to ceiling. We see a lot of that cantilever effect on the second floor balconies, overall modern Hollywood Hills home at its finest. And that pretty much wraps up our tour on the outside. Now we're gonna go take the stairs so we can take a look at the basement. (gentle music) Now we're in the basement level. Let's go this way first.

Basements don't get a lot of natural light. So when you're trying to create rooms in your basement the more open they are the better. In this case, they staged this room as your gym area. But instead of putting regular walls, they put these glass panels to keep this room very open kind of bright and to make the basement feel open. Right here we have a full bathroom, perfectly situated right next to your gym area, walk-in shower, that same texture, tile is also here floating vanity because, let's go to this door real quick, check this out, sauna, how cool is that? - [Mikey] That's nice to have, and that's pretty big to like lay down here show everyone how big it is. - I'll take a seat. 

[Mikey] Yeah, I mean, you could fit, you could fit six buddies in here, no problem. - No problem. - [Mikey] Not like that you would want to, but yeah. - No, yeah, I agree. It's definitely spacious, especially for a single family home. All right, so on this level they also have a bedroom here, proper bedroom. By that I mean, you have the closet space, you actually have a window. And this bedroom like all the other bedrooms has its own bathroom. Check this out. Really cool pattern tile wall. That same wall continues here as well behind your vanity. Pretty much all you would need.

So back to the hallway and on this side we have a laundry room with its own sink, little bit of cabinetry. All you need. - [Mikey] I predict this house is gonna have more than one. - And you're correct. So a lot of people leave comments saying, we don't show the garages because sometimes developers leave their stuff in the garages and we don't wanna show that. In this case it's a two car garage. I really liked the flooring paint. I know it's not epoxy, but I don't know exactly what kind of finish it is, but I can tell there's aggregate and sand in it because it feels very grippy. - [Mikey] Yeah, it'd be impossible to slip in there, no way. - I agree, all right, back into the hallway. Let's go tour the other side.

We have another closed off glassroom right here. In this case, it's a temperature controlled wine cellar because you live in a house like this let's admit it you probably like to drink as well. All right, bar set up here, a lot of open shelving, but I wanna talk about this. Mikey, can you come over here? And under one of these, these half dishwashers. I think these are so sleek. What a good idea, because you're gonna have a lot of drinks over here. You're gonna have your friends over here. You're gonna have a lot of glass of wash. - [Mikey] And those wine glasses are always such a pain to put in a regular dishwasher. - I agree, more cabinetry here.

 And you have a fridge over here. Now you have, I wanna say like a secondary living room, kind of an entertainment area on this level. You have a pool table, little bit of seating area, but what's cool about this room is what's behind these doors. First of all, it has a really cool door to start with. So check this out. Even though I'm only opening one side, it actually opens both side. - [Mikey] Yeah, that's really cool. - This is the first time I've seen this application in a residential home. That's why it's very cool, really unique choice of carpet here, but I like it it goes really well it kind of brings a good contrast to the rest of the room because it's very clean and sleek here. I wanna start off with the walls. There's a padding on the walls and I like how they break that design with this wood paneling throughout the entire property. You gotta check this out. These seats looks like they came out of a limo or something. - [Mikey] Looks like a Maybach seat. 

Yeah, exactly, like those brothers limo seats. Very cool, these are powered seats. So you can recline, control however you like. Here's another detail I wanna show everybody. Ready, so this, you can pick it up. - [Mikey] Now that's cool. - Put it to the next chair. I thought that was really unique. - [Mikey] If you're showing some cool stuff, I wanna show some cool stuff. - All right, what do you got? - [Mikey] So, over here on the wall, there's a button that just says movie time. You pushed that button. Now it's officially movie time. Turns up all the lights in the pool room, living room, just leaves you open here to watch these beautiful Apple TV screensavers. - Leave these lights on which I like kinda gives it a nice ambience. - [Mikey] It's like a real movie time. - And lastly, I wanna mention this screen is 130 inches. - [Mikey] Pretty big screen. Let me ask you this. What is your favorite movie of all time? We live in Los Angeles you gotta have one. - I feel like you're not ready for this answer. It's "Green Mile." - [Mikey] "Green Mile," really? - Yeah, I love that movie. I remember being very shaken. - It's a good one. - Yeah, it's a good one. Really is a good one. And that pretty much wraps up our tour on the basement level. Now we're going back to the stairs so we can take a look at the second floor. (gentle music) We're back to the first floor now we're going up to the second floor. I wanna briefly talk about this staircase. It's a steel floating staircase but an open riser design, and each stairs being a slab.

And right here, we have a frosted glass to kinda keep the privacy but yet still bring natural light to the landing of the first floor and second floor right here. And as you are coming up to the second floor landing, boom, this beautiful picture window floor to ceiling you get views and a little bit of the canyon views. Again, we're in Rising Glen. So we're between two hillsides. So you get the city view and the canyon views at the same time. So on this floor we have two bedrooms and the master bedroom. So we're gonna start this way. First bedroom, with its in suite bathroom, same floating vanity and Mikey, why don't you get close here real quick. Look at the fixture right here with the texture on it so you get a good grip as you turn on and off. These windows right here are frosted but they're also awning so you can get nice ventilation into this bathroom. Walk-in closet right here. Let me demonstrate, - [Mikey] You walked in. - Exactly, all right. So we have the room right here with a fleetwood door opening up to the balcony on the second floor, Mikey, right behind you. Can you show him real quick? I really liked the wall sconces on the wall. It's a bit of a different touch but perfect place to showcase your art. All right, let's go outside. - [Mikey] After you. - Cool, so this balcony right here is for the two bedrooms on this wing of the home. And this is the cantilever roof design I was talking about another cool detail. They have these openings right here. Although this provides a quite a bit of shading here, at the same time it's selects a lot of natural light in. Now, let's open this door here so we can take a look at the second bedroom. And I mean, this one gets an incredible view. 

[Mikey] Your bed is just front and center right here looking out over the city. The sun is going down, but I think y'all can probably still grasp how good this view is. - Amazing, and then you also get a great look to your backyard area, good size. And this one also has a walk-in closet right here. Pretty much the same size as the other bedroom and a walk-in shower, floating vanity, pretty much the same design features are here. So back to the landing, before we go to master bedroom I wanna take you guys right here convenient for this floor. We have the washer and dryer room. Mikey, tell me another utility room that has a view like this. - [Mikey] Not many. - Not many right? - [Mikey] I hate folding my clothes but I might not hate it as much if I could, look yeah, I know I'd still hate it I just don't hate it a lot. - (laughs) All right, so I just love this landing. What an incredible view here but let's go check out that master bedroom. All right, so on this side we have the master bedroom and the balcony, but to make it easier let's go this way first. All right, on both sides we have the walk-in closets identical, follow me. Lot of space, drawers, open shelving, hangers, pretty much all you would need. Let me go to the other side real quick little bit smaller on this side. Again, pretty much the same finishes here. And continuing this way, We have the master bathroom. So let's talk about the details. Beautiful floating vanities. I like this little extension that serves as your makeup area because they also have a perfectly centered mirror right here. Natural stone countertops. Beautiful faucets right here. Same style of light fixtures are over here as well. - [Mikey] There's little bubbles. - Yeah, that's right. And I like this half frost gives you your privacy but yet keeps up clear so you get as much as natural light as possible. Same vanity design is on this side of the wall and coming here, giant freestanding tub, floor mount filler, again, half frost pretty much all the things you would need.

I like the stacked marble floor tiles over here. Now let's talk about this walk-in shower, bookmarked slab on this side, another bookmatch here, another bookmatch there, it just to kind of create the seamless clean look but they wanted to contrast the colors, so black on the floors on this wall, white on the other side. Dual systems two rain heads, body spray on this one, just classy, beautiful walk-in shower. And lastly, we have a toilet room right here with a fancy toilet that has all the bells and whistles. - [Mikey] You know why I love the sitting in this? - Why? - [Mikey] Because you have to plug your toilets in here. - That's right, only in L.A. - [Mikey] Greatest city on the world. - I agree, I agree. All right, back to this hallway. Now let's go take out the master bedroom. Picture window right here, focus towards your backyard area, and another picture window right here facing the street. But I know a lot of people are concerned about their privacy, easy fix. You just simply come here, click shades and voila all these shades go down not only it helps you sleep better, it gives you the privacy that you may need. - [Mikey] And also makes you jack up your camera ISO. So let's open these windows up again. - Let's do that?

 [Mikey] Check out that balcony, I'll get it, you stay right there. - All right, all right. - [Mikey] You don't worry about that. - Okay well, since we're right here let's talk about the rest of the master bedroom. wall sconces on the each side of the bed always a great touch. We have a corner gas fireplace and here's why I like this one, this bed is perfectly focused towards the view, so they manage the tuck this gas fireplace to the corner this way, you still have your gas fireplace and you get a perfect view from your bed. All right, another fleetwood doors, let's open them and let's take the whole crew out, tucks all the way into the wall. And just like the other bedrooms, master bedroom gets a balcony and a good balcony. Same cantilever design is also here. We have the openings as well to bring light. And of course, even on this balcony you get a glass railing. So you get the best out of your view. And you have a chance to look towards your backyard area which is very nice. 

Mikey Looking across this whole property what's your favorite thing here? - I think it's backyard. On a hillside you don't really get a backyard for the most part. The fact that we are in Rising Glen and lots tend to be a little bit flatter and you have a backyard like this one, it's just a no-brainer. - Yeah, pretty much. - Pretty cool. - And that wraps up our tour on the second floor. Now we're going back to the stairs so we can take a look at the rooftop. (gentle music) we have another frosted glass detail right there. And now let's go take a look at this rooftop. Tile floors throughout, same glass railing, is also on the rooftop. Again, all about the view, maximizing the view. It's a good size space you can probably have 40 to 50 people here. Right in the center of your rooftop you have a gas fire pit, and you know, you're in Hollywood Hills it's all about enjoying the outdoors, getting the best out of your view, and this rooftop really compliments this house. 

 [Mikey] So tell us a little bit about the neighborhood I noticed around us we got a kind of we're in kind of like a canyon almost. - Yes, Rising Glen is a unique street. It's a dead end street. And it's an extension of Sunset Plaza drive basically. So you're minutes away from Sunset Strip and you have the canyons on the East side and Rising Glen kind of runs in between. It's one of those neighborhoods where you get a city view and a canyon view at the same time. 

I hope everybody enjoyed it. If you did make sure to give us a like, if you have any input or questions always leave us a comment below. And if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our channel. Also, I would like to mention if you're a real estate agent or a developer who wants their property to be featured on this channel, we have a link in the description where you can fill out a form and we will get in touch with you. Lastly, I would like to thank Alexander and Josh for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. Thank you all for watching. We'll see you guys next week.

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