Luxury 3 Bedroom 9x12 House Design

Minimalist House Design 9x12 3 Bedrooms - Having a comfortable and beautiful residence is a dream for everyone, what if we already have a partner or small family. if for those of you who have not yet owned their own home hendanya immediately plan to build his own house. With our own home, our days will feel good.

In this episode I want to provide inspiration for friends as an inspiration for minimalist home design on 9x12 meters of land with 3 bedrooms. Hopefully with this design we expect friends to get inspiration from the design we made, and here is the inspiration for the design of the 9x12 mater 3 bedroom house.

Minimalist Home Front 9x12

Tampak depan rumah minimalis 9x12 3 kamar tidur

In the design of the house this time has a very beautiful and elegant look, on the front using a full canopy from the carport to the living room on the outside. On the front there is a minimlais fence with a touch of a beautiful lamp spot. while for the carport and the middle part uses a full sliding fence to give the impression of loose and spacious, 

In this design some use dak for the 2nd floor, desan seems also we design with a touch of minimalist design, by adding a grille and also a wide enough window. For the use of we design using the design of limas roof, while for the first floor roof is designed with a saddle roof model.

Minimalist House Plan 9x12 Meters 3 Bedrooms

Denah rumah minimalis 9x12 3 kamar tidur

With the availability of land that has a size of 9x12 we strive to have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, in addition there is also a fairly spacious carport that is 6x3 mater. In addition, we also added an open living room on the outside.

For other floor plans one has the size of the area including the following:

  • Outdoor Living Room
  • Small Garden
  • Carport
  • Front Porch
  • Master Room
  • Children's Room
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Area
  • Back Garden
  • Bathroom

For details of the size of friends can see the picture above:

As for the addition of laitai two there are several areas including the following:

Bedroom 3
Lounge Room
For dimension size, please see the image.

That's the inspiration for home design in this time, hopefully it can provide inspiration to all friends. For friends who do not have a suitable design and fit according to your taste, friends can visit our youtube channel below.

Hopefully the desire of friends to have a dream home soon can be realized. Thank you for visiting our site, good luck.

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